Are all Frames available in Figma on day one?

I want to make this perfectly clear: You’re buying into a v1.0 product. As with Frames for Bricks, we need to iron out any workflow issues before we make every frame available. As the first batch of real users starts interacting with the bundle and providing initial feedback, we’ll sprint to start incorporating the rest of the frames library.

With that said, ACSS Tokens is fully built out and fully functional and the Frames for Figma library will ultimately be an exact match of the entire Frames dev library. In fact, new Frames will likely be created in Figma BEFORE they’re developed in the dev environment (since that’s truly the best workflow). So, there won’t be any issues with missing frames between Figma and Dev!

Just don’t expect every frame to be there immediately when you purchase. We will do consistent releases to update the library over the coming weeks.