Author Page Alpha


A basic author bio page with social icons and blog post grid for querying the author’s blog posts.

Author Page Alpha
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An author template is a necessary addition to any WordPress site that features a blog. Even on single author sites, the author page is important for the EAT SEO algorithm.

Author Page Alpha allows you to quickly add an author template to any site. It displays the author’s headshot, short bio, and social links in the hero followed by their blog posts below.

The dynamic data and query loops are pre-configured, so this frame template is completely plug and play.

Query Loop Compatible

Accessibility Notes

The social links use hidden accessibility text. Make sure you edit this text if you change any of the icons or add new icons.

This frame uses the clickable parent technique.

This frame uses hidden accessibility text.

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  • How do I use dynamic data with the social icons?

    To make the social icons dynamic for each author (required on multi-author blogs), you’ll need to create custom fields for each social network and assign them to author profiles in WordPress. The field needs to be a raw text field that will contain the URL to the author’s social profile. Then you can dynamically inject this into the author template. Since there are a myriad of ways users can create and name custom fields, we can’t preconfigure this for you.

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