Notification Alpha


A simple notification bar that remembers the user’s visibility preference.

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Notification Alpha is designed as a top notification bar. It’s perfect for displaying important notices, special deals, free shipping offers, and more.

The user can dismiss the notification by clicking the close button. The frame stores this preference in the user’s local storage and won’t reload the notification bar until browser storage has been cleared.

Query Loop Compatible

Accessibility Notes

Since the close button triggers an on-page event, it needs to remain a button element and not a link.

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  • Why doesn't the dismiss button make the notification bar disappear?

    The button to dismiss the bar uses Bricks interactions. Editing the name of the class will break the interaction. You can fix this by putting in your new class name. Select the class attached to the close button and click the Interactions icon in Bricks. Open the click interaction that hides the notification bar and edit the class name to match the class name on your notification bar.

  • How do I get the bar to display sitewide?

    Adding this frame to your header template will ensure that it displays sitewide. Similarly, you can make it display on certain areas of your site by putting it in a template assigned to that section (like blog posts).

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