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A customizable dynamic rating block for e-commerce products.

Product Rating Alpha
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Most page builders have rating elements, but they often lack customizability. For example, the Bricks rating block gives you practically no control over styling. Thus, we created a custom product rating block for Frames.

This rating block can be inserted in any product card. It will dynamically pull the rating from the product database (when using WooCommerce) and populate the correct number of rating stars.

This is a pure CSS block, so there’s no added javascript required. Additionally, the block can work with plain custom fields and even other e-commerce systems if a site isn’t using WooCommerce. As long as the rating can be passed into the block’s data attribute as a numerical value, the rating block will function properly.

Query Loop Compatible

Accessibility Notes

This block has a dynamic aria-label to make sure the star rating is announced properly. Additionally, the block is given a role of img so that screen readers interpret the multiple blocks as a single element.

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  • Why can't I see the star ratings in Bricks Builder (but they work on the front end)?

    Bricks does not currently add data attributes to elements inside the builder, so anything styled or controlled via data attributes will not render correctly in the builder. This doesn’t affect the front-end, though. The rating block will still work for all site visitors.

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