Schedule Card Alpha


A schedule/event card with location, time, related persons, duration, and a built-in details modal.

Schedule Card Alpha
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Schedule Card Alpha is the perfect frame for displaying schedule/event information in a small card format. It was initially designed to fit into Schedule Section Alpha, but it can be used anywhere you’d like.

The card features information for:

  • Item Name
  • Related location
  • Time
  • Time Zone
  • Related Person(s)
  • Duration
  • Related Posts/Pages

Can I use it anywhere?

Yes, with some small adjustments.

  • If you don’t need a details modal, you’ll want to delete the modal element from the frame after import.
  • If you want the card to link to another page, you’ll need to replace the heading button with a heading link.
  • If you don’t use the card in a column-based grid where the card needs to be assigned to a specific column, you’ll want to delete the data attribute attached to the card.

Accessibility Notes

This card uses clickable-parent and focus-parent for maximum accessibility.

This frame uses the clickable parent technique.

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