Single Product Alpha


Single Product Alpha
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This frame uses the following locally scoped variables to make it easier for you to edit the style or behavior of this frame. Variables can be viewed or edited from the CSS tab.

Set the aspect ratio of the Product Image


Border Radius for all Images in the Gallery


Adjust spacing consistently throughout


Change the color of the price


Change the color of the canceled price


Edit the font-size of all prices (Price + Variation Price)


Change the color of the variation label


Width of the variations content column


Changes the color of all borders


Changes the width of all borders


Change the width of the quantity field


Change the width of the variation selection


Edit the button background color


Edit the button background hover color


Edit the button text color


Edit the button text hover color



HTML5 Tags & Attributes

No related HTML5 elements.

Accessibility Notes

No additional accessibility notes for this frame.

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