Toggle Button Alpha


An accessible, animated toggle button that swaps the icon and text label on click.

Toggle Button Alpha
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This frame uses the following locally scoped variables to make it easier for you to edit the style or behavior of this frame. Variables can be viewed or edited from the CSS tab.

Accessibility Notes

  1. Ensure you enable the accessibility code block if you use this component with an expanding element like a modal, off-canvas, etc. This will dynamically change the aria-expanded role on the button.
  2. If the button labels you’re using aren’t descriptive, make sure you add an aria-label to the button.
  3. This button should not be used as a navigation link as it’s a button element.
  4. If you edit the class name, make sure you edit the accessibility code block to change how the javascript is targeting the button element.

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  • I changed the class names and now the button isn't working. What happened?

    The custom CSS for this button references fixed class names. If you change the name of the classes, you’ll need to update the custom CSS in the Style > CSS area of the button.

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