Introducing Frames

Your web design & development workflow will never be the same

Frames is a real time wireframing tool, design-ready development system, and accessible component library that empowers you to build beautiful custom websites in half the time with zero limits on your creativity.

Using Bricks Builder & Frames together feels like cheating

Frames empowers you to design custom WordPress websites 6 to 8 times faster while increasing revenue on every project by at least 20%. And when you're finished, your sites will be more accessible and maintainable than they've ever been. Here's what makes it great...

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When I decided to build Frames I set out to create a system that could overcome all the well-known pitfalls of traditional design sets, layout packs, and themes. Now that it's here, I can confidently say it's better than I ever imagined. Frames is the undeniable future of wireframing, designing, and developing websites with WordPress page builders.

Kevin Geary
Creator of Automatic.css


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Frequently asked questions

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Frames is three products in one.

It’s a real-time wireframing tool that allows you to wireframe full pages and templates directly inside of Bricks Builder (and coming soon to Gutenberg Block Editor) 6-8 times faster than you’d be able to wireframe in a design tool like Figma.

It’s a design-ready development system that does 50%-80% of the development for you without limiting your creativity and without creating scalability issues – 100% built with BEM-organized classes and ACSS.

It’s an accessible component library* that adds advanced functionality like accessible carousels, accordions, toggles, sliders, modals, and more to your development workflow.

In short, it’s a tool that will help you build custom websites in half the time, increase revenue on every project by at least 20%, and dramatically increase both your margins and your capacity for taking on new projects.

* Features coming soon.

If you uninstall Frames you’ll lose remote access to the Frames library. Any frames that you previously imported into your website will still work, but you won’t be able to add new frames. If you are using Frames dynamic accessible components, those components will stop functioning as the code they need to run will be removed on deactivation.

Frames currently works seamlessly with Bricks Builder, but we have plans to expand Frames to work on other builders as well, starting with Gutenberg’s block editor. Eventually, any platform supported by Automatic.css will likely support Frames as well. As long as you have an active license, you’ll be able to use Frames on any supported page builder without additional add-ons or upgrades.

Yes, we plan to. Just note that your primary Frames license will not cover the Figma version of Frames. Even though your Frames license covers all supported WordPress platforms going forward, the Figma version of Frames will be an add-on.

If you don’t currently do wireframing for projects, then Frames is a perfect fit for you. With Frames, you can start selling wireframing as part of your official process, charging anywhere from $50 – $350 per page for the wireframing alone. Then you’ll charge for design per page. Then you’ll charge for development per page. This is how legit project pricing and workflow has always worked, but many people skip the wireframing step because they either don’t know how to do it or they don’t know how to make it profitable.

With Frames, you can wireframe with simple drag-and-drop in a fraction of the time. And since you’re doing it directly in Bricks you’re handling a good chunk of the development workflow simultaneously. Frames will add an additional 20-40% in revenue to every project, you’ll speed up your timelines, you’ll be able to juggle more projects at once, and your overall margin is going to go through the roof.

One of the most important rules in profitable web design is: don’t go backward. If you care at all about building custom or semi-custom websites, design sets break that rule immediately. Because they’re so opinionated, design sets require you to constantly un-style and re-style elements. You spend as much time going backward as you do going forward.

On top of that, design sets are usually thrown together as quickly as possible with terrible HTML structure, zero care for accessibility (A11y) compliance, inconsistent and random styling values (usually in pixel values – yuck!), and a lack of custom classes (no scalability or maintainability).

Frames fixes all this – it’s built for people who care about customizability, scalability, and quality craftsmanship with the added benefit of cutting workflow time in half.

We have A LOT planned for Frames. Just as we innovated on the concept of CSS frameworks with Automatic.css, we plan to innovate strongly on the concept of a layout system with Frames. Think interactive components like accordions, toggles, lightboxes, switches, menus, etc. All accessible, of course. Why should you need multiple plugins to handle this when your core layout system can handle it for you seamlessly?

New frames are being released constantly. We have a roadmap and a changelog so you can view plans and progress. We also have an area of the community where you can recommend new frame layouts because we value user participation.

Yes. Frames is 100% built with Automatic.css. This ensures consistency, scalability, and maintainability and is one of the main reasons why Frames is so powerful and flexible. If you need to purchase a license of ACSS, you can do so via the ACSS pricing page.

If you don’t like Frames, you can get a full refund within 14 days of the purchase date.