What if I don’t do wireframing?

If you don’t currently do wireframing for projects, then Frames is a perfect fit for you. With Frames, you can start selling wireframing as part of your official process, charging anywhere from $50 – $350 per page for the wireframing alone. Then you’ll charge for design per page. Then you’ll charge for development per page. This is how legit project pricing and workflow has always worked, but many people skip the wireframing step because they either don’t know how to do it or they don’t know how to make it profitable.

With Frames, you can wireframe with simple drag-and-drop in a fraction of the time. And since you’re doing it directly in Bricks you’re handling a good chunk of the development workflow simultaneously. Frames will add an additional 20-40% in revenue to every project, you’ll speed up your timelines, you’ll be able to juggle more projects at once, and your overall margin is going to go through the roof.