Slider Bravo


A multi-use overflowing carousel-style slider.

Slider Bravo
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This modern carousel slider is commonly used for service cards, feature cards, product cards, blog posts, events, and more. While the default frame uses a testimonial card within the slider, this is an unrestricted slider. Users can swap the testimonial card in the slider with any other card type.


This frame uses the following locally scoped variables to make it easier for you to edit the style or behavior of this frame. Variables can be viewed or edited from the CSS tab.

Space between arrows.


Space between arrow group and content.


Width of each slide item.

HTML5 Tags & Attributes

Accessibility Notes

If you want the cards in the slider to be clickable, we recommend using the clickable parent technique.


Use the related frames section above to check FAQs for other frames related to this frame if you don't see your question here.